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Visa and Work permit


The German consular office in your home country will inform you whether or not you need a visa in order to participate in the Hessen Global Program. You can find contact information for the consular office on the web site of the German Department of Foreign Affairs: In case you do need a visa, your visa application will require a “Letter of Invitation” by us. We will send you a “Letter of Invitation” as soon as we have chosen you for the program and after you have paid the registration deposit.

Please note:
Visa processing takes six weeks on average. If you apply for your visa too late, you might not be able to attend the Hessen Global Program.

Work permit

As citizen of a non EU country and as citizen of the new EU member states (date of joining 1st May 2004) you need a release from the work permit for participating in the Hessen Global Program. We will arrange the release for you and we will send it to you before the program starts.


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