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Accommodation and Meals


Housing is provided in shared apartments with a single bedroom for each student, in student residence halls or host families in downtown Fulda.
All apartments are self-catering and are equipped with kitchen, bathroom, and toilets. Rooms and kitchen are fully furnished. Please bring towels. Supermarkets and grocery stores are within walking distance.


The university cafeteria (“Mensa”) is open from 10am – 2pm Monday through Friday. Warm meals are served between 12pm and 2pm for € 1.50 - € 3.50 per meal. Vegetarian dishes are available every day.

The post office is located right beside Fulda Transfer. They have a cafeteria and they offer warm meals.

In the city center of Fulda you can find quite a lot of bakeries where you can buy sandwiches, small cakes, salads, etc. for your lunch break.


The Global Studies Internship Program
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