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Cultural Program

An excerpt from the culture and leisure program:

  • Welcome party (July 1, 2007)
  • Movie nights
  • Sports
  • Barbecue
  • Farewell party (August 21, 2007)


With the help of the cultural program you will have the possibility to get to know different cities that are of special interest to Germany (culturally, politically and historically). Besides offering organized trips we will also support you in organizing you own trips in Germany by helping you find best prices and special offers.

Weimar (1-day trip):

  • Sightseeing tour through the town of Goethe and Schiller
  • Visiting of Goethe and Schiller Museum

Berlin (2-day-trip):

  • Sightseeing tour in Germany's capital by boat
  • Plus: arts and entertainment, talking politics and breathing culture
    (useful link:

Study trip to the Rhön:

In 1991, the UNESCO recognized the Rhön as “biosphere reserve”. The acknowledgement entailed the requirement to protect the landscape in line with the UNESCO strategy. Biosphere reserves are part of the UNESCO program “Man and the Biosphere” which understands natural and human habitats as one whole and advocates abolishing the separation of man and environment. The Rhön represents a prime example of the world-wide preservation of habitats within the UNESCO strategy. The cultural landscape of the Rhön, which is the result from the usage of land by small farmers, offers ideal conditions for a protection program which takes into account the interaction between man and nature. The Rhön is also one of the largest biosphere reserves and Europe-wide a habitat for endangered and rare species.
This trip will acquaint us with the Rhön, the harmony of its landscape and programs such as organic farming or sustainable tourism. We will also enjoy some of the delicious products of the Rhön.

The Global Studies Internship Program
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