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Grades / Transcript

Upon successful completion of the seminars, workshops, the internship and the German language course you will be awarded US Credit Points or ECTS points (credits).

Program Module
Amount of US-credits Amount of ECTS Credits
German and Intercultural Communication
3 3
Sustainable Development
3 3
3 9
9 15

Please note: The awarding of credit points is just a suggestion. Your home university has to decide upon the amount of credits you will receive. It is recommended to consult the contact person in charge of academic recognition of credits at your home institution before you sign up for the Hessen Global.

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS):

The European Credit Transfer System ECTS is a system for recognition of academic performance. The aim is to substitute part of the studies at the home university by studies abroad, whereby the home university recognises study and examination performance achieved at the host university.
The points reflect the relevant scope of work done. ECTS points will only be granted on successful completion of courses, i.e. on passing all prescribed examinations. It is important to note that granting of credit points does not entail an evaluation, but only confirms attendance of lessons and that minimum requirements have been fulfilled. Contrary to many fears the contents, structure and equality of courses are not determined by ECTS. The application of ECTS rests on reciprocal trust between the partner universities about academic performance. The universities retain their autonomy and also the full responsibility for all decisions about academic achievements.


The quality of achievements is recorded in the "transcript of records" issued to every student (not to the home university!) by the host university. Upon returning to the home university the student's achievements can be credited to his or her records with the help of the credit point system.


The system of grades serves to document the quality (i.e. marks attained). The grade reflects the student's performance. The system of grades used at the Hessen Global Program, is generally equal to the scale of ECTS grades.

ECTS-Grades: (percentage of students generally achieving the respective grades)

10% EXCELLENT: outstanding performance with only minor errors
25% VERY GOOD: above the average standard but with some errors
30% GOOD: generally sound work with a number of notable errors
25% SATISFACTORY: fair but with significant shortcomings
10% SUFFICIENT: performance meets the minimum criteria
00% FAIL: some more work required before the credit can be awarded
00% FAIL: considerable further work is required


Upon successful completion of the courses in addition to the Transcript of Records participants will receive a certificate of participation and a reference.


The Global Studies Internship Program
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