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Parents Page

Greeting to Parents

We welcome you to the Hessen Global Studies Internship Program in Fulda, Germany. We are pleased that you and your child have selected our program.
Taking part in the Hessen Global Program will be a defining period in your son or daughter’s educational experience that will transform him or her into a global thinker with international perspectives and put him or her a step ahead of the competition in the eyes of prospective employers.
Your son or daughter will get to know the German university system and the working style in Germany. Participants of the program will improve their language skills and their intercultural competence, they will travel to new places and get to know a new culture.
The purpose of this homepage is to give you important information on the program and on the location as well as to provide you with an insight into the activities your child is going to experience in Germany.

The program

The Hessen Global Internship Program is especially designed for the academic and social needs of American students. We were selected for funding by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) New York which chose us with the help of an American committee to be one of the 10 high quality study abroad programs in Germany for American students.
The Hessen Global Internship Program has been created in close cooperation with our American partner university, The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Our professors are experts in their field and our internship partners have been working with us for years.
The internships will be group internships – your child is not left alone! Students will work in teams and also have a very close contact to their work supervisor and the coordinator of the program. Once a week students will have a reflection day with a professional counselor to assure best working, learning and living conditions.

The city of Fulda

Fulda is located in the center of Germany: Frankfurt Main Airport is just an hour away.
Fulda is a lively but very save city. Crime is hardly known. The inhabitants are very friendly, especially toward American citizens, as Fulda had been an US-army base for many years. Most of the people in Fulda speak at least some English.
Fulda is a small city. Students will be able to walk to most of the places. Public transportation is well organized and available throughout the day and evening. If the internship takes place outside Fulda city center transportation will be provided.


Everybody working in the Hessen Global Internship Program has long year experiences with counseling foreign students in Germany and organizing international programs.
You can always contact us if you have any questions or wishes.
Contact / Team

Important Phone numbers

You can always contact us if you have any questions or wishes. In case of emergency, please call the emergency telephone number which is set 24 hours a day.
Your students have access to internet and public telephones. It would be a good idea to buy a telephone card in the US beforehand.
Emergency number: +49 (0)661 2504021

Accommodation and meals


Housing is provided in shared apartments with a single bedroom for each student in downtown Fulda. All apartments are self-catering and are equipped with kitchen and bathroom. Rooms are fully furnished; kitchen utensils, bed linen and towels are provided and supermarkets and grocery stores are within walking distance.
Your son or daughter will live together with the fellow participants or German students of the same sex. The areas they will live in are clean, save and calm. As we place the participants in student residences they may not have access to a telephone in the flat as most of the German students nowadays only use mobile phones. Your child will have the possibility to use the telephone at our office or will have access to a public telephone.


The university cafeteria (“Mensa”) is open from 10am – 5pm Monday through Friday during the Hessen Global Internship Program. Warm meals are served between 12pm and 2pm for € 1.50 - € 3.50 per meal. Vegetarian dishes are available every day.


We will provide special services for the participants of the program:

  • Students will be picked up from Fulda Train Station and will be taken to their room
  • Orientation days will help them to find their way and will give them the chance to get to know each other right from the beginning
  • The counselor will be available to the students all week long and students will also have the chance to speak to a student tutor
  • Free Internet access
  • Transportation to the internship place


You need valid health insurance coverage in order to participate in the Hessen Global Program. We will insure the participants against illness, accident and personal liability. The insurance is included in the program fee and is valid for the length of the Hessen International Summer Internship Program.

The Global Studies Internship Program
is supported by:
HMWK DAAD Förstina