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Discover the Rhön

Maybe you have been wondering what exactly "The Rhoen" (die Rhön) is and how it looks like. On this page you can find links and information to show you one of the most beautiful spots in Germany.

The Rhön (pronounciation like Rhoi:n) is a low mountain range spread over parts of Hessen, Thuringia and Bavaria and is declared as biosphere reserve (maybe similar to a Provincial Park). The highest rise is the Wasserkuppe with 950,2 meters. On the Wasserkuppe you can go skiing in the winter and paragliding, hiking and sledding in the summer time, a very fun activity. You can find more information at (also in English)

On have a look on "Rhön Spaziergang" (a walk in the Rhoen) and "Bildergalerie" (picture gallery) to see some nice impressions of the landscape, buildings, people and traditions like carnival.
To enjoy a
360° view, visit where you can click on several places in the Rhön and feel as you were standing directly on a hiking path.

© Caroline Stepputat
Interested in a live shoot of places in the Rhön? Go to
to get the latest pictures of the Wasserkuppe and other mountains.
Did you recognize while having a look on the web pages mentioned above that you see sheep with back heads everywhere? It is the so called Rhönschaf, a typical sheep race in the Rhön which has been living there since the 16th century. Today the sheep is a symbol and mascot of the Rhoen.
Some webpages are dedicated to the Rhönschaf like

© Karin Storrer

Haven't applied for Hessen Global yet? Hurry up, the Rhön is waiting for you.




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